How to Conquer Gout?

I hear this question all the time. Not a day goes by without me being asked about this at least once..

The last few decades were a race against time. Our food grew faster (due to chemical fertilizers), our meats all started to smell the same way – like fish. The food processing process involved an ever increasing number of preservatives and additives, to alter taste and extend shelf life.


What does this have to do with gout?

Gout and its resulting RIPPING PAIN is caused by an excess of purines in foods, which are responsible for the overproduction of uric acid.


I fought the effects of gout for over two years. Modern conventional medicine proved to be helpless. Pharmacological companies are more interested in their profit margins than they are in the wellbeing of patients. The drugs used by the medical world, is a continuation of the rat race – when used – pain is reduced, but the cause of the illness remains. What’s worse – the side effects of drugs used in gout treatment are very frightening.


After analyzing the sad and very painful reality I was faced with, I decided to take “the reins” into my hands.


I’ve analyzed every day taking into account the amount of water I drank, my diet and experienced stress. After about eight months of trial and error (pain) the attacks become very rare. After a year I completely freed myself from them.

My method of defeating gout one and for all, gives results in just a few weeks.


The problem of getting rid of gout comes down to one simple matter – how to expel from your body the crystallized uric acid deposits in your joints, tendon or bones.


The appearance of gout is usually associated with the moment of the first unbearable attack of pain, which usually occurs during sleep. After some time that pain subsides and fades away, but swelling remains. After the swelling disappears all we’re left with is surprise and confusion – what was that?

Classic gout usually starts from the big toe. Nowadays, gout attacks anywhere in the body, wherever the excretory system finds room to deposit excess uric acid in the tissues. At the moment the crystallization of acid starts, unbearable pain appears.

My method presented in this book, is effective and does not require any financial burden, such as the cost of doctor’s visits, or very expensive medication. Anyone who can read, that’s the only condition, can easily apply it and benefit from immediate pain relief.

In order to expel the previously deposited and not excreted accumulation of uric acid, the Gout Sufferer will be presented with a detailed step by step instruction: on what has to be done to reach that end and how in a short amount of time those deposits will be completely eliminated from the body.


No one needs to be reminded that – treatment and cure, that is to say determining the cause of illness and eliminating it, is not the same thing as treating the ailment’s effect – in the case of gout, pain treatment.

Someone who loves life as much as a I do, someone who values comfort, convenience, pleasure, is incapable of resigning to a life with gout pain. All pain, and gout pain in particular, is destructive for the psyche and eventually leads to depression. The joy of life starts to disappear, night after sleepless night. Fortunately, my method of conquering gout is finally out in print and everyone can use it and benefit from it.

What will the Reader find in „How to Conquer Gout”?


  • Complete and simple methods for elimination of unbearable gout pain right from the moment it appears.
  • Solid rules and principles for the Gout Sufferer’s Kitchen, so that further mistakes in diet can be avoided, for instance: never eat nuts or almonds by themselves – but always with brown rice.
  • The Morning Routine – what to do after waking up. Simple and easy in execution morning plan.
  • A proven set of food products, which w hen used in your daily diet and properly prepared will clear old disgusting uric acid crystal deposits, deposits which lead to degenerative arthritis, kidney stones, and even finger amputation.
  • Recipes – for safe, tasty and nutritious dishes, rich in easily digestible protein.
  • Many other valuable tips and information for the Gout Suffer.


The book is available on this website in e-book form. If you suffer from gout, the one time expense is so low, that anyone should be able to afford to make such an investment in their health. If you are a caretaker of someone who lives with gout (husband?), then the method presented in „How to Conquer Gout” will save you a lot of effort and time in preparing the meals for the patient.

An old Hindu proverb says: you can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

The Decision belongs to You:

Are you going to spend the rest of your life in pain with deteriorating health...

Do you want to regain full health and live your life to the fullest...

without the pain of gout !!!


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P.S. May the methods and principles presented in "How to Counqer Gout" lead you to a speedy victory over this painful affliction.

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